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Our Reining Schools Are the
Best Reining Learning Opportunities
You Will Find... Anywhere!

Want to learn how to rein? Or improve on what you already know? Try our much acclaimed Reining Schools... but you'll have to book early! They fill quickly with past participants. There's a good reason why! We work on everything you ever wanted to know how to do on your horse; and I tell you not only how but why we do it this way. You'll go home with a plan that works... and a changed horse!

Your horse does not have to be a finished reiner or have achieved any particular level at all. Neither do you have to be at any particular level of reining knowledge to benefit from the Schools. I work with each horse/rider team at the level they are at and we build the reining program from there on up.

You will learn everything to do with reining, including:

Circles: How to develop and maintain a more "willingly guided" horse as defined in the NRHA rule book - one that rides any size circles at any speed while remaining relaxed and in control on a loose rein. How to school for smooth response to the neck rein and avoid head tossing and resistance while circling. How to deal effectively once and for all with horses who drop the shoulders in the circle or go wide at the center of the show arena. Learn to build flying-lead-change positioning into your horse while simply riding circles.

Straight Lines: Straight lines are part of the approach to the sliding stop and as such are judged as part of the stop. If your horse does not travel at speed on a loose rein and in a straight line he will not stop as good as he could and your score will suffer. Learn how to school your horse on straight line using a method that pays off in the show pen. Learn the most effective way to fix a horse that travels crooked, that drops the shoulder while traveling straight, or that speeds up while in a straight line.

Flying Lead Changes: How to achieve smooth flying-lead-changes after you learn the steps that make them as easy as riding your horse straight ahead at a walk. Learn exercises that will keep your horse constantly positioned for the flying-lead-change. Learn to prevent and fix horses that drop the shoulder in anticipation of a lead-change, that speed-up at the center, that change in the front but miss/drag a hind lead, that toss the head in the lead-change, and that change at home but do not change well in the show pen.

Speed Control: How to train for that smooth yet dramatic speed control on a loose rein; the kind that impresses judges and wins you buckles and $$$. Learn how to correct the horse that drops the shoulder while speeding up, the horse that runs wide at the center when going fast, and the horse that needs you to pull on him to slow down.

Spins: How to teach your horse to perform a flat, correct spin on a subtle, light, loose rein in a matter of a few days. How to add speed to the spins without getting bouncy spins. How to fix problems with wrong pivot foot, hopping, dropping the shoulder, over-bent, loss of cadence. How to teach your horse to start his spins smooth and end them fast. Learn the most effective way to advance your horse from two-handed spin to one handed show ring performance.

Sliding Stops: How to school for those smooth, deep, long sliding stops. How to get your horse to enjoy stopping hard, use his back and stay deep in the ground, and relax and trot with his front legs. Learn how to prevent and correct high-headed stops, bouncy front-end stops, crooked stops, and non-committed stops.

Back-up: How to school for that consistently straight, fast stepping, collected back-up that judges like to see after a stop. Learn how to deal with head-tossing, dragging the front feet, crooked back-ups, refusals, and high-headed back-ups.

Transitions: How to develop and ride smooth, collected walk-to-lope show transitions. The kind that tell the judge your horse is trained and ready to show. Learn how to quickly and effectively fix wrong lead departures so you never have to deal with them again.

Roll-backs: How to school your horse for that snappy yet controlled roll-back everyone likes to see while preventing anticipation problems in the stop, back-up, and hesitation. Learn how to avoid trotting out of roll-backs, head tossing during the roll-back, and freezing up in roll-backs.

Instructor: J.P. Forget is one of the foremost instructors of horsemanship and reining in the nation. He is an Equine Canada High Performance I Reining Coach and he is the recipient of the University of Texas at Austin NISOD Excellence Award for Instructional Achievement, an award recognized throughout the North American community. He has qualified several horses to National and World Championships. He successfully coached several riders to intermediate and advanced levels at national and international competitions, championships. He will adapt the curriculum to each horse/rider team according to the degree of training and experience.

For the past 18 years the Schools have been a great success. Brian Telford said "J.P.'s individual instruction goes beyond anything I have seen at clinics to date." Gail Patterson was just as impressed. "It was an awesome experience" she wrote of the six day school held in Alberta. "As a student of J.P.'s, the results I have accomplished in a short time with my horse are amazing. The knowledge I have gained has been incredible due to J.P.'s gift of communication. He is a true 'teacher'" says Chelsey Willick. She should know. In her short two years in the reining pen she accumulated an impressive amount of awards and titles. "Excellent instructor. Knows how to deliver the knowledge. J.P.'s step-by-step program is simple. You can take it home and apply it with success. Very professional, he sets a fun yet focused learning atmosphere." Says Gail Clark-Morgan of Cache Creek, BC.


Tuition fee:$560
Deposit to reserve a spot:   $300
Balance due by:June 1st, 2017
Stabling:$20/night per horse
Bring your own feed
Trailer hook-up:$10/night
LocationSpur West Event Center
35 minutes west of Red Deer, Alberta

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